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Last updated May 24 2018

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The website belongs to Mullion Glass Studio & Workshop, a UK based company. We are located at The Chocolate Factory and Craft Centre, Mullion, Helston, Cornwall TR12 7HB.

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If you require any more information or have any questions about our Terms and Conditions of website use, or our Privacy Policy please contact us at mullionglass@outlook.com
Privacy Policy

We at Mullion Glass Studio respect your privacy. This Privacy Policy is designed to explain how we collect, use and protect the personal information you provide to us when you access our website, purchase our goods or services, as well as your own rights to the information we collect.


We do not use analytics or cookies on our website, the only data we collect is that which is given by you in order to complete delivery of our products to you.

We collect a variety of information from you when you visit our website, make purchases with us, or interact with us. By accepting this Privacy Policy you are specifically consenting to our collection of the data described below, to our use of the data and to the processing of this data, and to our sharing of the data with third party processors a needed for our legitimate business interests. The information we collect may include:

Personal data: Personal Data is information that can be used to identify you including your name, address, email address and phone number. You consent to giving this information by providing it to us voluntarily.

Financial Data: Financial data is data that is related to your payment method such a credit card details. Records of your purchases are retained securely for the statutory term to comply with our legal obligations. We collect financial data in order to allow you to purchase from us. Most financial data is transferred to our payment processor Izettle, and you can refer to their Privacy Policy to determine how they use, disclose and protect financial data.


Your information allows us to send out products to you via a courier service or Royal Mail. We generally store your data and transmit it to a third party for processing. However, to the extent we process your data, we do so to serve our legitimate business interests.


We may share your information with third parties in certain situations. In particular, we may share your data with third parties needed to serve our legitimate business interests, which include communicating with you, taking orders for goods and delivering them to you. The legal basis for our disclosure of your data is both your Consent to this Privacy Policy and our own right to protect and promote our legitimate business interests.

The following are specific reasons why we may share your information.

Third Party Processing: We may share you information to third parties who assist us with various tasks, including payment processing, hosting services, email delivery and customer service.


Generally we do not process your information in -house, but give it to third parties for processing. For example, when Izettle takes your payment information, they are a third party processor. They process your payment and remit the funds to us. In many instances it will be necessary for us to transmit your information to a third party processor as we do not have the capability to perform these functions.

However, we may process your data internally. The legal basis for this processing is both your consent to the processing and our need to to conduct our legitimate business interests. Our purposes in processing this information, if we do, is to administer, maintain and improve our website and offerings, to enter into contracts with you, to fulfil the terms of those contracts, to keep records of our transactions, to be able to provide you with goods and services, to comply with our legal obligations, to obtain professional advice, and to protect the rights and interests of our company, our customers (including you), and any third parties. We may process the following data:

Data associated with your account, such as your name, address, email address ad payment information.

Data that you provide us in the course of using our services.

Data that you post on our website or Facebook page, such as comments or responses to blogs.

Data that you submit to us when you make an enquiry.

Data related to your transactions with us, including your purchase of our goods or services. This information may include contact details and payment information.

Data that you provide to us when you subscribe to our emails or newsletters, including your email address and contact information.

Data that you submit to us via correspondence,

Amy other data identified in this policy, for the purpose of complying with our legal obligations, or to protect the vital interests of you or any other natural person.


We retain personal data as long as is needed to conduct our legitimate business purposes or to comply with legal obligations, or until you ask us to delete your data. For example, we will retain certain personal information indefinitely for the purpose of communicating with you.

You may request that we delete your data at any time which we will then do immediately. Please contact us at mullionglass@outlookcom


We take all reasonable steps to protect your personal data and keep your information secure. We use recognised online secure payment systems and implement generally accepted standards of security to protect against personal data loss or misuse. However, no security measure is foolproof and no method of data transmission can be guaranteed against interception or misuse. We cannot completely guarantee complete security of any information you transmit to us.

We will notify you promptly if any known breach of our security systems or your data.


Confirm Personal Data and it's Use: You have the right to request that confirm what data we have about you, and for what purposes. You also have the right to confirmation of whether we process your data or deliver to third party processors, and for what purposes. We will supply you with copies of your personal data unless doing so would affect the rights and freedom of others.

Change consent: You have the right to change your consent to our use of your information. In such cases, we may require you to delete your account with us, as described above, and you may not have full access to our website.

Complaints: You have the right to complain to a supervising authority if you believe we are misusing your data or have violated any of your rights under this Privacy Policy or applicable law.


If any part of these Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy is deemed unlawful and/or unenforceable, all other provisions contained herein will remain in full force and effect.

Entire agreement

The information contained herein constitutes the entire agreement between site users and our company relating to the use of this website.